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very satisfactory. Dr. George P. Andrews, of Honolulu, is
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food, at the same time employing fomentations and the other means prescribed
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les-bains, France, read a paper on " The Mineral Waters
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curative in scabies, but, as none are better than sulphur, we use this
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Loffler and Schiily, presents the form of a small rod, with straight or slightly
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origin, either from pressure by a tumour in the course or near the origin of
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reduced to somewhat simpler terms when the behavior of the body
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British Medical Journal. London, 1898, Jan. 29. — 13. Edex. Joum. of Path, and Bad. Dec.
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care that has been bestowed upon the central nervous system.
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ed, than in combating the dangerous disorders, arising from
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Extraktion des oberen Strangendes von der Mundbiible
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greatly lessened, amounting only to a fraction of a pound for 100
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live and work into a i)osition of perfection out of
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full cons-deration of the more directly practical subjects of diagnosis, including dift'erentia-
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proceed to extract the following, which will be read with interest
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distinguish three main factors — (1) congestion; (2) spasm; (3) neuralgia.
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the-sia in some of the regions supplied by the fifth. There was parjesthesia
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of a young unmarried woman is found somewhat enlarged and
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his untiring zeal he built up what was a very weak cause
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ants had made a previous diagnosis of osteo-sarcoma. A few
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and in those severe of laryngeal complica-
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Andrew Clark now brought forward some of his, which led
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which I have just described, coming on gradually with
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we are upon the subject of itching it will be timely
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Our next patient is a man of forty-one years, who came to
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it falls as a rule, although it may remain the same or even get higher.
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in itself fatal, still it leads to many of the petty worries felt and bad
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his high s(-nse of honor, his great corscientieiusness
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and ligating all vessels, veins as well as arteries. When-
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was by far more severe, and the resulting inflammation con-
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Toxic insanity depends on poisons either derived from without or
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ginnings of dyspepsia to childhood, can appreciate the truth of this
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nent, and on gentle touch it seemed as if it had been flattened out.
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the extensor tendons remains, even of the fingers hitherto healthy,
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with increased reflexes, intention tremor, and optic changes.
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terial twigs running up from the submucosa between the glands of the
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able termination m recovery afford no opportunity for post-mortem
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curred in private and one in dispensary practice, illustrat-
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tracted cases, in Dr. Collins' report, where no assistance had been
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one knows the early history. An abundance of red-blood corpuscles
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