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continues to flow into the space it displaces about an equal quantity
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vessel. It will contract the uterus when it is in a relaxed eon iition.
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volving the intestine, a tumor arising from almost any organ
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the cough being almost incessant. Paroxysms are brought
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and other symptoms as before. About 1.30 P. M. he was raised to take
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her of the Medical and Ctyurgical Faculty of Maryland, of the
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rapidity of the circulation, and also upon the medium force of
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neighbours, in better circumstances, escaped scatheless.
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substance or precipitinogen^ and the substance in the antiserum is called
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placentpe retained in utero after the death of tlie foetus.
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physicians of Havana ; and the formation of such a con-
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\often seem to obtain relief in incessant occupation. Where introspection
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the clavicle, scapula and humerus was carried away ; a seaman
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Chirurgical Society in 1850, when no less eminent a surgeon than
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Prescribe Journal-advertised products and you prescribe the best.
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swelling and stiffness of the neck began, and this has gradually increased
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in mind in making autopsies after sudden death, in cases involving a suia^
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digestive disorders, there is produced, through the inade-
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conditions obtain, lithotomy is the operation indicated.
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it may appear to us quite certain that the deceased could not have been
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5. Retrograde Strangulation of the Intestine from Constric-
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ent in only three. In two others the operation was neces-
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of the ducts, and (2) that in many cases of cholelithiasis jaundice does
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Committee on Library : Drs. Jerome C. Smith (chairman),
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cases the vessels have fusiform dilatations of their whole
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