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iy, there is good reason for inspecting the condition of this organ.

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their contained biophoric molecules) do not fuse, but remain independent

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has a brighter tint than in the normal condition, due to a diminution in

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into the ridge of mucous membrane which lies over the sub-

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may be followed later by tftorrAra {sometimes fatty), and slight jaundicr <»■

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phate twice a day for three or four days and then once dail\' for two

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This organ, therefore, receives an increased blood supply, and that under a

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degree of activity, but also in the Campagna di Roma, and even about the

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panying deaths occur in older individuals. These data 1

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on his return. Up to the present time (over four years),

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without perforation, prolapse into the uterine rent, about 30 per cent,

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the patient Avrites in October saying " that she is glad to say

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constant water-supply to London houses, and recent legisla-

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increase of such constitutional diseases as ancemia, chlorosis,

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carefully studied by Cecil and Blake, the disease being pathologically

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sclerosis of Goll's column in the cervical region occurs as a secondary

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provide pre-school training for spastic children from two

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been observed in China, Korea, Ponnosa, and Japan. Imported cases have

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constitution of the patient and in the character of the injury,

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1810, Dr Barclay o« the Muscular Motions of the Human Body. 89

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•'' • Mod. Times and G:iz.,' January 16th, 18G9, p. 75.

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dogmatism for the logical instability of their position ; they

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ing * ‘cold’ ’ nodule from a ‘ ‘hot’ ’ hyperfunctioning mass. A

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sation are present, except the personal perception of it. Similarly, with

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energy its exciting cause? Certainly not the former; and though the latter

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85 per cent of our total export trade in this product.

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be the result of the excessive acidity so characteristic of

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great ease into the uterine cavity to the extent of four inches, and moved

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porary expedient when immediate danger threatened. The treat-

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Now, in conclusion, what can be done to facilitate the

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suture. As will be seen, this suture is so inserted that it penetrates the peritoneal and muscular

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eases should be included in the list of dissimilar hereditary in-