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Capsules of Holadin, Bile Salts and Phenolphthalein, each containing

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some .cases notes are accessible showing that the patient was out

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that in its establishment the process has much in common with the

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pressing the vein. Studied by this latter method, the rate of flow in the

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determine whether a given new compound may be theoretically

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In that short life there was so much suffering, and

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knew the patient, the bacteriologist, the physician who adminis-

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one who was asked to share in the upbuilding of the school but was un-

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Assistant Professor of Medicine, Schooi of Medicine, Health

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in an intensive design studv, Arch. Gen Psychiat. 32: 1246

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tried, but with poor results Examination shows the media to be clear,

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structures, as we know occurs in arteriosclerosis and which may play a

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They also need soil rich in plant food Black muck fresh from the

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The election of officers for 1912 resulted as follows : President, J.

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Thomas R. Brown, of Baltimore, has been placed in charge of the

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Reprint from Public Health Reports, No. 99. Transmission of

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and serum bile acids. During his fifth, sixth, and seventh

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kidneys are in a condition to bear any added strain put upon