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lect an operation more easy to perform, but much more uncertain in its,
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us the following informadon from M. Baudriot, surgeon-major
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and the next minute down in the common duct entirely
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the displaced coils. By distension through a rectal tube by air or nitrogen
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1952. Jonas, Karl C, 916 19th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. (20006)
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that the phenomena were of a mere transient nervous character,
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also occurs in certain dislocations, hence great care must be exer-
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and joining them ; opening the eyes and rolling them downwards,
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efficacious when given alone, but I think its therapeutic energy and cer-
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Dr. Marsden is right and Dr. Sayre is right, and our
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think lUat, with due care in its application, the method
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that it is formed in excess, and in one instance Schultz is said to have esti-
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from electrolysis; but this case satisfied me that it could be
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maniacal delirium ; a fourth had typhoid fever ; and the
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tiplied, that no regular history can be given of them, nor any
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without resistance, as though the blood had undergone a fer-
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as it were, some broad, majestic stairway leading to the very gates
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The pendulum must swing back from the enervating artificialities of
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appealed to Dr. Earle forcibly as a very satisfactory means of
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contradictory decisions, and the numerous religious sects.
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Arranged and edited by Richard J. Dunglison, M. D. Philadelphia:
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already dead; for the belly indeed, which is of less importance, can be
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causing middle-ear inflammation. I employ a post-nasal
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of value in cases of alcoholism, creating a dislike for
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Mutual Aid Association, and of the American Ophthalrao-
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of the septic group are killed Ijy heat at a lower temperature
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it to an accidental rupture of some of the bronchial cells,
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and of the misiery it may in future be the means of averting. After the
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property of the Library and Journal Committee, who will exercise full copyright
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and ended in effusion ; the second, from effusion to the formation of open ab-
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followed up, on the following morning, by a dose of castor
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nate bone broken in the acetabulum into three pieces, corre-
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fuel is extinguished, and the apartment cooled ; but the poisonous action of
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T. L. Baxter has severed his connection with Rush Medical
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Joint Disease in connection with Locomotor Ataxy. 349
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be if there were no practicing physicians. ' ' The editor in commending
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following is the formula, with the mode of using it : —
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fluid, it will be convenient to divide effusions into small,
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ami delivers, excepting those cases where there is a large head.
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not be borne. On the 30th the patient felt better, but
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examination in general education and have been regis-