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Quelques mots sur la variability du baclUe de la tuberculose. Bull, de la
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the point of saturation and allowed to stand in the ice-box for several
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In the first year it had a membership of 1,218 and killed 24,000 hogs.
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tions of their heats of combustion, a determination of the gases given
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Studies in mammalian tubercle bacilli. III. Description of a bovine
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a like percentage of trichlnous pork from uninspected hogs.. It is further argi!ked that.
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for advanced generalized tuberculosis. The unusual character of
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State Medical Association, spoke on “A Challenge to
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tion at the sac The patient's general condition became alarming. He
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ease when inoculated into a healthy monkey. Following this experi-
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The pericardial sac contained about 6 c. c. of pericardial fluid of
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above. Windows fairly clean, of translucent wire-mesh glass. The floors are of wood,
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enter an establishment at which inspection is maintained. Said examination and inspec-
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enzyme in being inactivated by boiling temperature.
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agreement on this. In consideration of the diagnosis
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admit swine products if they were certified to as free from trichinae.
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larynx. Very little space for air. These masses move with respiration
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graph of the mitral valves of a woman, aged 21, who died after an
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V. Physiological and Pharmacological Studies on Cardiac Tonicity In Mam-
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the pathologist or his assistant, should be allowed to present the subject
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of the lli'.,'. after oxidi/iiiir the fatty acids with pcrmaiii.'aiiati\ that oxi'la-
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vent the consumption of the meat with Impunity, but the suggestion of them is loath-
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Cells, Studies on the growth of, in vitro. The coltiyation of bladder tumors
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held in January 1948.” A committee of six was ap-
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extended with profit. Secretary Eusk in his last annual report
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I think Astwood is doing little service to the clini-