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extracting the cork with a pointed instrument which bar-tenders
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and associate Major, afterwards Colonel, A. A. Hosmer, of the
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{seborrhceic calvities). Under certain circumstances pelade {alopecia
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bejond the bronchi exterior to the pulmonary organs ; but, in cases un-
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have happened in one case in which Dr. Waldo employed it. May
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sent to niolder where Caesarean section had been made to
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2. A case of ovarian fibroma producing effusion in the belly
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conquest in a.d. 640, but would prove that he was not
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ment demonstrates the diffusion into the yellow spot of the
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Albrccht Erlenmeyer, in his work on the Morphine Disease,
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still warm, little or no blood escapes." Of the period
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Address in Surgery delivered on Thursday, August 3, 1899,
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furiously, lost consciousness. On the 12th Dr. Xichols saw him
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skills. Further, we hypothesized that patient demographic
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of themselves and of their actuating causes. It does not indeed
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before, after violent sneezing, a tumor, as large as a pigeon's egg,
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opposite to it, in another column, the thermometric, barometric, hygrome-
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not be removed by this procedure, the next step in the total extirpation
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perhaps, sent from the country with a certain degree of purity of character, tender-
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demonstrated that milk can not, even in the country, remain
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not a very strong advocate of Dr. Potter's methods, except, as Dr.
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large proportion of those who without signs of disease reacted to tuberculin
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would do without the colon. Looked at from that standpoint it
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The grand distinction between the two classes rests
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and then he was compelled to dress the other wounded men with an oint-
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of the uremic condition as it absolutely presents itself in its most marked
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ing to New York, the young gentleman, having climbed
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if the temperature of the thermometer corresponding to the
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subject had duly assembled, Dr. Saundby did not turn
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