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monly met with in the tropics than in the temperate zone, and is
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mospheres, and then pass it through a specially con-
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sleeps with it uncovered. It is far more troublesome in
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source of mischief, but whether they are ever the cause of puerperal infec-
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cently under his care, in which the earliest symptom was the occurrence of crises
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equivalent to three troy ounces and a half, of which he took, in the year
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course of leucaemia we may frequently, though not always,
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secretions, such as the catamenia and the urine, scrofula,
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at a distance of 2 feet. For example: The candidate's right eye
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Regarded, moreover, by most persons as objects of detestation, represented as
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red or livid spots appearing on the tongue, with obtuseness of
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thing unusual for her, and when she returned in about twenty minutes, she
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were contracted and seemed fewer than natural. The tube-casts in the urine were
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half the specific gravity of oxygen gas," Dr. Thomson has
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trouble, or expense keep the interest of the profession charged and ready for
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that the action of the sympathetic is to enable the small arteries to propel the blood,
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one of a very rare and peculiar character occurred some while
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of i'hiladelj)li:a. and Dr. Kphraim Cutter, of Woburii, Massachusetts,
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into the whole length of the posterior faces of the fingers. Action,