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efficieut means employed, and, whatever other remedies may be used, 16

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is very frequently presented in the second stage of yellow fever, antici-

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mbeence of all febrile excitement and gastric inflammation, that it should

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6. The character and state]of the medicine itself have also great effect

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remedial virtues to the peculiarity of its bitter principles; while serpen-

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in Asia, Africa, America, and the islands of the Pacific, and

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roeyaaide, change places, so as to form sulphate of potassa and ferro-

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ticuhir cin*unistttnfTS of the* case. Acetate of lead is erenenilly indicated

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■etal is oxidized and combined witb an acid before it operates. Never-

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ing to the usual currents of wind in the country, they may

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in order to doctor their children. Every Physician who has

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AiwmmiMiraiion, The dose of sulphate of copper, to begin with, is

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them what Belzac says of Aristotle : " They are a second

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This is the trui' uld Martial Elhiops. It consists of the scales whi

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Idleness. By nature man is the incarnation of idleness, w^hich

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main in the island at all seasons of the year. He should en-

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with vascular action. Those operating upon the nervous system may

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fore a savage will cover his feet, but the head will generally

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marshes is not during the time of the largest quantity of water in the marsh,

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abuse of coffee, any of those inftammatious, aa of the stomach, liver,

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acidity, and diarrhoea, as it often does, let porter be tried,

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Jaundice on the doctrine of signatures, which implies a certain relation

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further exhaust the excitability. The cases in which electricity is appli-

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erties, though the latter Ls vastly more powerful than the former

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attended with a low, asthenic, or typhoid state of system, this medicine

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larly associated, and similarly benefited; and, in that most obstinate

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passage of the solution through a vein of the uievub into the heart, wherol

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Id gardens The flowers are arranged around a terminal flower-stem,

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with a special influence on the brain, producing dulness, stupor, low de-

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Teem it contains, it becomes turbid on dilution with water. The dose is

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urine is assertt-Hl to have been pr«Mla«^d by it.

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case, the characteristic sedative -operation of the medicine must be con-

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yellow and acrid. At least this is the statement made by Pellctier ; but

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