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one or two inches greater than that of the healthy side ; but at the end of

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of urine than normal, and perhaps at the same time there will be a slight

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in which there is a giant cell, containing one or more of the germs 3

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litis and perityphlitis may be a result of fsecal impaction due to habitual

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matic by most authors. Trauma is responsible for all cases of erysipe-

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septic products having come from venous thrombi, vegetations on

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should be used. This equalizes the pressure on all parts of the body

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and in a few weeks develop in the various organs of the body a multitude

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varieties of cancer met with in the liver are scirrhus, medullary, melanotic,

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as the heat quickly departs from the dead tissues. If rubbed with the

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In copious haematemesis styptics can be given cautiously, and cold com-

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the disease. Eusty sputa are present in about 33 per cent, only of such

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pany, and follow Parturition, and the Remedial Measures to be

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off a small patch of epithelial cells above the needle. Numbers of these

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patient may give a history of frequent micturition and may insist that

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humerus under the coracoid process was to put the unbooted foot in

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number of the muscular fibres, which differ in no way in their anatomical

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ease leads more rapidly than any other valvular lesion to cyanosis and

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upon erection of the corpora cavernosa it occasions a condition oi

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orifices : but it may involve the Avhole or any part of the ventricular or

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F. for two, three, or more weeks.' In these cases the fall in temperature

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Being some Pi4>erB on Traps and Trapping for Vermin, with a chapter on General

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of the fluid in these bursae will not, as a rule, take place of itself, un-

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quent suffocative attacks due to spasm may come on. When the growth is

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Fractures of the Base of the skull may result from direct, or indirect,

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Location. The usual locations are the breast, pylorus, and rarely in

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