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this disease, is of value. The eradication of the growths is

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history was recorded. A male, born in Illinois, age 54. occupa-

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by giving heart tonics at first. Nitroglycerin is quite effective ;

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the bones with functional impairment. Experience has

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sound heard in health, the pulmonary system being as

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cephalexin monohydrate 250 mg capsules

Association shall be installed at the closing General Session.

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and various bacteria chiefly pyogenic in character, are

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see; J. W. Aird, Utah; G. T. Vaughn, U. S. Marine-Hospital

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cases have died on the table. He referred to the danger of

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ation, Keen said: "With such statistics before us it is

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every twenty minutes for three or four doses; the administra-

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denum in the region of the papilla. The mass being niov.i:>le,

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Homeric days. The faith healers of that epoch, who were

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ment, which showed that in a series of 200,000 cases of diph-

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beginning of the disease on the lip, a movable, glandular swell-

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Cleveland, O. ; J. D. Smytue, Greenville, Miss., and

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that there is one physician to less than 600 inhabitants in the

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small catheter aids in accomplishing this purpose. Acute

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tended to May 1 next, his staff to consist of ten house-surgeons

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tion be controlled, but in other cases we are frequently

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subject. The paper was a plea for conBervati'sm: in the surgicall

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transmission of scarlet fevtr, except for pigs, which are pecu-

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no instructions from my society. We are in sympathy with this

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stetric cases having a normal contracted uterus with a patulous

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ing officers were elected: Dr. William J. Todd, Mount Washing-

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accomplished by flexing the thighs sharply, as in the

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hibited specimens. This was dinionstratod on the cadaver by

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&, Nashville Bailroad Company vs. Stewart, that opinion evi-

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of 75 degrees daily, to be followed by vigorous friction. Cere-

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not advisable during the acute stage nor the subacute, but it

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In the writer's series in one case, No. 8, caseation had

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opening and closure of the cranium, and the use of tre-

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established that such local suppuration starts invariably

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absence, absolute disease sooner or later, unless restored

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include 55 Europeans. Judging by the returns, the disease

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43. Two Starvations. — The conditions here considered are

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complete statistics, for which he will hold himself responsiule.

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included 25 of idiopathic epilepsy, 21 of symptomatic epilepsy

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that there is one physician to less than 600 inhabitants in the

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nutrition; to feed our pati«nts milk, good soups, egg albumin,

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transmission of the fluids through the endothelium on Desce-

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