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Spontaneous Varicose Aneurism (Ibid,, p. 104.) This is the
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From the 15th to the 25th treatment was reduced to daily adminis-
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action of a feeble heart, seriously encumbered by the surrounding ac-
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Clark, two out of its very small number of baronets. As we hear that
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than ever the feeling in the public mind that the Town Councillors are
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on the glans penis of an affected dog. The growths thus produced,
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lesions occur where neurectomy has been performed for navicular
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ficial gluteus ; or (2) paralysis, feebleness, or injury to the superficial
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the eruption, intra- or hypo-dermic abscesses and loss of substance of
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On the 8th the temperature was 38-3° C. Occasional lancinating
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announcement was made that the very object which Je soudrt was ,0 bf
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regular, sharply defined surfaces which gradually extend, and some-
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able from the early age of the patient, a boy eleven years old ; and
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1838. ..39 Book "On Diseases of the Rectum", pp. 138. — Published
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"january Jth, 1S69. After long hesitation, his friends consented to
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trocar we should have seen issue a little greyish liquid, mixed with
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tion, since he has done more than any single individual in this country
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56. A nine-year-old Hungarian horse, belonging to M. S — , 6, Rue
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matter has been insisted upon in the pages of this Journal it should now
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himself. He succeeded in successively selling this animal to two other
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symptoms from which the patient suffers may be altogether unconnected
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Atque affigit humo divinae particulam aurae." — II Sat. II, 77.
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Note. — Adenomata are the commonest malignant neoplasms in the