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the right arm. The reflexes of both arms and of the right leg were greatly
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Another baby girl died at birth. One daughter, aged 19, married. She is
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in the venous blood. Furthermore, this method is applicable to a great
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would probably have been a softened area produced by ruptures from
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arrhythmia is much more marked, and after the longer diastolic pauses, the
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grandmother, who lives with them, developed suspicious symptoms, having
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enormous enlargement of the heart and displaced both lungs back-
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likely to be produced in the central portion of the sac and to be soft
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two degrees below normal and the swelling partly returned. At another
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ceded by a primary lesion by less than four years. He was given six
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murmurs are sometimes accidental, that is, independent of valve
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which the dose should be small, gr. y-^ at first, to be increased grad-
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flow of blood through the vein becomes so retarded that coagulation
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those employed by previous writers, would demand a criticism of the many
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may be affected by the same disease or different forms of thyroid dis-
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observer should lay one finger lengthwise over the pulsating artery
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Under toxic causes may be included impoverishment of the blood.
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essay. Some of them seem to point to the applicability to phthisis of
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pressure after the addition of the oil. Various sized capillaries rang-
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regarded as established. Among such may be mentioned those of
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produces palpitation with precordial distress. To this condition,
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General nervousness is also an almost constant symptom and the
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Longcope, W'arfield T. : The excretion of chlorids and water and the