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ogy for this course, as no literature of mine was ever issued
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bility, and defective inhibition. The patient then fur-
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of the right lung for localized tuberculosis, and gave the
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30 gram, of adeps, but that used by myself contained but 2 gram, of
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This very moderate proposal was defeated by an amend-
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be made with appliances'that every student uses in his daily work,
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plied under the nose to force the organ to withdraw from above and pediluvia and
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he conlines it to the hip-joint alone, to the invention of
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peculiarity of the facial expression — the albuminous types of consti-
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chloroform-anesthesia the pulse kept good all the time
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Within a minute the child became rosy, and began to struggle and
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the pulmonic second sound in tuberculosis has not yet been satis-
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benefits conferred by these females. The example set at the
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panying illii.-lration renders a detailed description of the instrument
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and placed in an institution ; but the contact with other lunatics
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he called attention in the report of the case were : i .
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bones. The bones of the skull, which are united at their bases, separate
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The idea generally prevails that the disease arises
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He attaches great importance to the arched lower fibers of
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a powerful reducer of temperature. If that also fails, bags of ice are
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entific students. I am aware how many of them affect to
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exciting cause and the possibility of its removal. Patients who have
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' Read before the Ont. Med. Association , Jane, 1887.
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Two vertical incisions about four lines in length were made, passing
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In four cases of sciatica the result was favourable in two, negative
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scanty in its supply of oxygen,' decomposition occurs, and
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lectures on Theoretical Pathology, and a second of fifty hours'
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55,900 pamphlets, or about 5,000 volumes and 11,000
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fast, but that liis system was too weak to stand the " reaction."
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of this State, under the name of Belkviie Hospital Medical College, has