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the stomach — or to general disorder of the circulation, either functional, as

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[of a chapter on diseases of the bladder and urethra, which is based

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grooves act like return tubes for the escape of fluid. The size of the vaginal

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to that part of the leg. He thinks the changes began in the

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It is our serious and responsible study to effect a proper rela-

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cases is very large and apparantly on the increase, any method

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A. The Respiratory form, including — 1. Those in which coryzaand conjunc-

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legitimate to cite the number of persons within the country who

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Urea is excreted in abnormally small quantities in cases of well-

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to Protestantism (for political reasons) by his father at the age of

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carefully sutured and maintained in apposition, a restoration of function is

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out further orders ? Should a druggist continue to fill and refill

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David felt when he exclaimed, ; 'I will lift up mine eyes to the hills

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the left pupil tightly contracted, the right enormously dilated. The spas-

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occur where the whole lung tissue is crepitant and normal but for the mil-

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gynecologists, that old indurations in the broad ligaments are in themselves

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reasoning are false because based upon false premises and not be-

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I am not prepared to say this, and especially since I once advised the

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syringing ear with cold water brought nystagmus as it should.

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plantation of a portion of a nerve to fill the gap (as has been successfully

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to have awakened from the sleepy lethargic state of the

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" The daily formation of uric acid is large, and uricacidemia

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be used. (Fig. 3.) A moment's study of the accompanying illus-

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the diphtheria was secondary to other diseases, only one was saved. In two

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Here then are two women : One of whom presented not a

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In establishing the fistula one has, of course, to look out that

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the various theories offered as to the cause of sleep are mentioned. T*Vie

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donor's blood. It is most important that one should recognize evidences of

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vitality, with a steady pyrexia, uniformly rapid and small pulse, absence

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The Psammoma is an endotheliomatous tumor growing in connection

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1. The manner in which the lesion occurred — from the introduction

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At 7.30 A.M. hardly any change was observable, although the cervix

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truer impression of the disease, if it had been carved in wood by a skilful

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very, very faulty position with soft tissue intervening, but if there is

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Case XXIII. — Male, aged sixty-five; was subject to epileptic fits

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versely from side to side, near, close up to or above the anterior pelvic