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disease may be designated influenza vera when this organism is present,
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some miles distant, hearing of her sisters' misfortunes,
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Manchester and other towns. He was at a loss to ex-
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fresh. If the acid fruit fails, eat nothing for a few days but common rice, parch-
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disease among cattle, — splenic fever, — depends on the presence of a specific
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body." Estimates of this kind are, however, always vague.
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small-pox, which he hoped might thus be finally expelled from the
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tion with the development and propagation of cholera.
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like the chyme, strongly acid, even in the middle part. One fourth of
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sulphuric acid, hydrocloric acid. They neutralize alkalies and when
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writings, is easy to understand when one knows that for about fifteen years
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afiords the shortest septal route to the sollar lloor (after Boswortb).
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(Vapor Chlori). The Aqua Camphora; is still made on the
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') After Listen : Practical Surgery. 3. Ed. 1840. page 378.
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Ijngs Jackson). For instance, the association between left hemiplegia
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say so, was there ever in his mind an indication when the
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woman, at the birth of her third child, had been all day
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tient finally died. It was a bad case. The urine was
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an element of hereditary weakness. Again, the analogy with insanity is
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of the kind occurred in a patient seen with Dr. Bosworth,
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month of September was 2,722, or 78 less than the number for
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uric acid in epilepsy, and the effects of diet and di'u<is on
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tients by trained general surgical personnel will lead to
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diagnosis of a pancreatic cyst rather plausible. It was resolved to operate by laparotomy
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Up to the present time, observations of carbohydrate tolerance in
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not based on medical considerations, and corresponding
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consisting of (wo layers, a superficial light and a deep dark one. The former repre-
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patient is infectious, and now we are positive, or ought to be, that we
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as Honorary President of the meeting of that body to be
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was principal when the Medico 1 Society was founded, is remem-
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entity, caused by a protozoon of bacillary form which invades the red
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but they never open into the vesicles, or emerge from them. The loculi