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to take blood from the arm ; but this is very rarely necessary or pro-

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At the meeting of the American Medical Association in Atlanta,

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the percentage "successfully vaccinated" was 66; in 1897 it was 62"4.

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found to overlie it, the eye is closed and dressed with the protective bandage.

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Small extravasations of blood have also been found in the grey matter of

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Hemorrhage — one cured by Laminectomy. By Wilfred Harris, M.D....

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This is evidently a case of non-toxic goiter of long standing

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1894, No. 27). The disease made its appearance when the child was six

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vital nature are frequently observed. The medical witnesses felt themselves

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solution in 50 per cent, alcohol) as indicator, the neutral point being

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specially about the examination of the blood in such diseases as

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in normal salt solution. Nothing should be given by mouth.

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In September he was in hospital for anaemia, and was discharged

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Corners, N. Y., on Monday, August 31st, aged eighty-

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1. Action of Pituitrin upon the Gastrointestinal Tract

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as a tablet within a tablet to provide stability and to

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Chart 8, the first of the myopic variety, those eyes

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in the size of the tumor. The injection caused a little

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pletely covered with inflamed and sensitive venereal

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It is absolutely impossible that there should be more blood in the body,

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(May 25) the number admitted was no fewer than 49 cases, pointing to

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to small infarcts from areas of thrombophlebitis. Conner^ has drawn

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is well known, is obtained by boiling, from the various connective tissues, in-

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by Mrs. Aryton the light of the arc ; while the light emitted

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temperature 102.3°. 30th, pulse 64, temperature 101.5°. Sanguineous

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natr. salicyl., 8.0; aq. dest., 180.0, every two hours a

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such a result than the frequency of their occurrence. Esquirol long ago

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Diseases of tlte Throat, Nose, and Ear, for Practitioners and

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as to the relation of this apparently insignificant tu-

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