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McIntyre, H. B., Captain, Medical Corp.s. Relieved from

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2. Total extirpation of the larynx for squamous-celled epithelioma ; patient

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clindamycin topical lotion uses

Stiles, Charles Wardell, and Hasscll, Albert. — Index

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decided to try antitoxin again, and accordingly 20 of an antitoxin

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enteen days' leave of absence from August 11, 1910,

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had the object of diminishing the irritability of the

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presence or absence of pain, peristalsis, distention,

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relation to our knowledge of the physiology of the same organs and

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Successful Csesarean Section upon a Rhachitic Patient, Performed at

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among women, this is an insuperable obstacle. In conclusion, he believes

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ing of the scar or any sense of discomfort in this region.

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well. As a child the patient passed through the usual diseases. Her

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