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brain, being soft and pulpy in consistence with alternate streaks

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Prevention. — The prevention of infections and poisoning from meat

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ago and then look forward in the direction of still fiu'ther progress

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P. M., lay on bottom of cage, but could be roused. Next morning comatose;

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Pneumonia following Laparotomies in the Neighborhood of

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occur not only in respect of the actual limits of acidity but

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and in those where the patient is allowed to continue his vocation,

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the cardiac ganglia, and the centers of the respiratory and

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He began by pointing out the great need for extended series of laboratory

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Medical College, New Yorlc City ; Genitourinary Surgeon

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Dr. Forrey were in the main confirmed by Dr. Daniel Drake, in his

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cream or dirty white. They somewhat resemble the Mysore breed of cattle (the

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these latter poisons have their specific actions and their periods

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picket-guard; they must be supported and maintained well and

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mildly cathartic, diuretic, and tonic. Its laxative pro-

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It is true too that the scrofulous diathesis, is characterized

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The rheophores, or instruments by means of which electricity is applied,

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more rarely, continuous. There is loud inspiratory and expiratory stridor,

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which time her menses have been irregular and accompanied by severe pain.

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The meeting was called to order by Dr. B. B. 3Iowry,

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le preliminary period. The percentage of fat was not altered by the

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which open into the middle meatus of the nose below the line of origin of

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to its use. We are safe in assuming that most of these pa-

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He recurs to it in his works again and again. He believed that

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meat diet, but when we began to slowly increase her

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species, OS. columbianum, which, according to Curtice, is

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joints, are not counted as palsy. Myopathic palsy shall be treated of

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