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veins and then release the clamps on the superior mesenteric artery and portal vein
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Consequent upon these alterations in the arteries and upon the hem-
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mitral valve, by dilatation and extension of still distensible parts,
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formulation of series ; or, in other words, the discovery of the causation
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more marked in the distal than in the proximal segments of the limb and
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During the attack the extremities must be kept warm. Some-
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tebra', breast, and hyperesthesia in the mammary region, as observed
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In a brief period after it is passed, generally a few minutes but
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the phenomena. From the study of a considerable number of cases "
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the cells count and by the Wassermann reaction in the spinal fluid.
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stood that it does not apply to individual diseases, but only to the whole
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quent history of the survivors of the initial attack. In the present
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troduce the sound into the ventricle without injuring one of the valves.
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nite and uncertain. Pellagrin 805, a white woman, aged 31, died of
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absent — scarlatina may occur without rash, whooping-cough without
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large amounts of glucose as are excreted in this form of diabetes. The
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Physical examination showed hypertrichosis, optic atrophy, pupils which
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by the use of this drug or its derivatives. If the heart's action
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some practitioners forget ; diagnosis depends not upon all facts, but
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that while these conditions are dependent on loss of function due to
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He had had complete loss of sexual power for eight months. All his symptoms
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cal Transactions, 1887, p. 271; Lunn and Benham, ibidem, 1885, p.
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second treatment was given. On February 21 the third treatment was given
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engineer, who said that the patient's leg was doubled under him. He was
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of the arms and legs were hyperactive. Bismuth Roentgen-ray studies- of the
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of them were white women with onset in 1910; of these, seven were
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attempt to regenerate the impaired cells. In brief, diabetic lipemia
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noted in ten. Factors determining the paroxysms were either absent or
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Balneology and Hydrotherapeutics. Dr. Hermann Weber and Dr. Parkes
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Reiss' table = 1.3490. Error = 0.0026 or 1.4% protein.
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on a mixed diet, a retention of nitrogen and chlorin coincident with a
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precautions lest spreading phlebitis be excited. Intravenous injec-
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accepted as evidence. In health and disease the sphygmograms of
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The diseased vein is then completely blocked, the affected portion
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obtain the desired information and about three weeks later the child
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Submaxillary Gland. — Hale White in one case has described
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confirmed by three subsequently negative Wassermann reactions.
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years. The incidence of pellagra in each year subsequent to 1907 is
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In a third group, represented by the last three cases of this report
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in the left side of the chest; "dyspepsia"; loss of weight. Examination showed
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was responsible for the major portion of the symptoms. First, no
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Symptoms. — Phlebitis may be preceded by a condition of fever.
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In each of our cases phlebotomy was performed by venepuncture,
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