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the "pain in legs and snoulder aod inco-ordination ?'* By way of treat-

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of prevention. The disease appears to be still spreading in Russian

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marked rise of blood pressure which lasts even after the re-

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wall of the bladder temporarily to the external wound of the

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conditions was continued. Several members spoke, and the

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consequently, with care and attention to the way in which it is spreacl,

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bridge ; L. E. Hardy. M.B., Preston ; Mr, \V. E. Hacoa, Christchurch,

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deaths were registered in eight of the principal Scotch towns. The annual

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bacillus is grown in media whicli ai-e continually. aerated with

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another gentleman put one hand on the operator's back and the other on

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tory of peripheral neuritis from the time of Graves down to

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known as relapsed, or wliat it would pprhaps he better

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omelette conveyed a suflicient quantity of the toxic matter to

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year recommended the Imperial Government to introduce

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scious that there is anything wrong. Such cases should be

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ing town of Cardiff upon setting up a school ia its midst. It

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remain under the spell of the eloquence of these men, who

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as to the ingredients of which he is quite uninformed, thus inducing the

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from vested interests elsewhere, but I believe tiiese could be

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contraction from the diminution in size and shape of the interfibrous

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system nobody will be disposed to deny, and Dr. Althaus

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Fellows had been steadily diminishing. " In the year 1874,

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the breath led me to try its efi'ect in the spasm of idiopathic

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twelfth rib. The skin in these situations was much reddened and exqui-

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in many instances seemed to lead to an outbreak of scarlet

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than simply to teach facts. To the average student the

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creasing. The musical arrangements were, as usual, superin-

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of exudation exciting agencies is brought to bear on the vessel.

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posterior base. The temperature now stood at 100°. having fallen gradu-

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with any cases of cholera that may be imported into this

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of her earnings during that time she has devoted to the sole use of

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tion, coldness, and stagnation of the air. Of these three, the

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has shown that a similar tolerance for the exalted cholera

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stairs she heard the deceased say, "Oli, don't! wait a bit,

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are an apt illustration. ( >ne guardian contended that as it

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which probably to a great extent assisted in securing a verdict

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Hospital, Dudley :— J. N., a labourer, aged 63, was admitted to

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ber of Fellows by examination bad risen from 645 to 829, thus

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the many excellent textbooks on general medicine both in

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for the defendant. In cross-examination the witnesses ad-

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desires some readjustment of the duties of his very inade-