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the weight of the lung, and the general fict of a free flow of

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found that the amount of the anaphylactic antibody in the seram of rab-

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of the vascular nets of the chorion, causing defective respiration


the OS frequently complicated hypertrophy. Their structure was identical with

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was an unusual development of the direct pyramidal tract —

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seen, the epithelium consisting of a single layer of somewhat cubical cells,

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The movements of the iris during the process of the accommodation

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" The law makes this institution the receptacle for the insane, idiots, and


Life-History. — It is believed that the cysticercus will be found

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alters itself very materially; so much so, in.i^ed, tli.i

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alimentary canal of the latter. There is usually an interval,

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311. [Discussion], 325. — Fox ( L. W.) Epiphora, or

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extent by benzoates. With large doses of the calcium salts deficient in the urine and

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from Dr. John H. Griscom, of New York, Chairman of the Committee

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Surgery and Surgical and Pathological Anatomy, by - Willard Parker, M.D.

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lar structures are the parts generallj' attacked in children

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food in a normal amount, can be calculated, however, from the pro-

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plexes. All four chambers showed excellent visible con-

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special facilities it offers for pathological work in its laboratories, and on

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obtained one hour after the ingestion of Ewald's test breakfast, while

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camphory, aromatic, and bitter taste, resembling the cascarilla of the older

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the then unfurnished rooms of the new capitol. The Secretary-

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as a result of the increased blood supply, and of such other

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aged about 23, married on a Thursday, was on a visit

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The lard, veal fat, beef and mutton suet, bear's fat, and beef

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Then take a straight needle, threaded with fine catgut,

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ducts. 2. This purplish-red spot, after becoming raised,

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Sir : In vain have I looked through the literature to

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cases only because it is so connected with the sensitive trunk of

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resorted to when necessary. Efforts to nourish the patient must never

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This work is reviewed in the present number of our Journal.

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muscles and nerves, so that an effort to swallow, or the contact

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