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Italian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rome ; Gynecologist-in-Chief to
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Johns Hopldns Universit}^, etc., Baltimore, Md. With eight
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The fever brought on from these conditions will sometimes last
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vention is the indication. While the surgical treatment is not strictly
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vazioni sui corpusculi amylacei deli'encephalo e midollo spinale. Atti
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and pharmacal, surgical and other manufacturers are urged to
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treatment should prove interesting and may be of value.
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affecting the women studying in the Medical School shall be referred
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Louis Frederick Krumrein. Baltimore. 722 N. Kenwood Av.
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factor, and surely it is not illogical to suppose that
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in II, IX an XI, absent in XII and not stated for the remaining
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this agent I can agree with the above conclusions in
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lock Ellis. 258 pages. Price, $2.00. Published by F. A. Davis
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other schools or to earlier graduates of the Johns Hopkins
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muscle, empties the chambers more completely, reduces dilitation,
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Applications may be filed at any time, but, except in un-
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tion of state control of vaccine virus. The tyi)hoid
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and the public came to appreciate that sanatoria for
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in this plane only the choroid plexus. The seventh section, passing
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erated if space permitted. It is doubtful if any book published in
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cine; all of our baths are medicated; and with every breath, we
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Consulting Gynecologist, City Hospital, Bay View ; Assistant Visiting Gynecolo-
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and Rollin H. Stephens, both of Detroit, will cooperate with the Faculty
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is it altogether original, for much of this was taught, in a modified
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bonate from three drachms to the pint to one drachm
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School of the University. The superintendent of the Hos-
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hand, and from cattle on the other, that a division
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A . B , University of Wisconsin IJOJ^gg* *£££ ^ f St Hot
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Tuberculosis. Elective course. Associate Professor Krause
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1. Pittsburg 1. From smallpox, Pittsburg 7, Boston 4, Phila-
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lected. I shall be glad to furnish the names of such new societies
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The consideration of the appetite. — International Clinics, 1916,
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Morton came forward and administered his "•stupefying
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state. Stern, H., 238; report of a series of cases of movable kidney, Chad-
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"My friends, we are gathered around the bier of one who was a
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who desire to do work of a special character will be received;
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March 2j, 1908. A little accessible mentally. He hides him-
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the best results; but his heart is all right; he doesn't mean to be-
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