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philosophy. It follows that the professors and teachers in all

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jjathology was found the same, dift'ering only in the

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off from a vein near the site of the primary infec-

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iiospitals v.'ith a view of becoming nurses' aides.

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not often the result of severe and greatly lengthened labour ;

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"The following are the results of the numerous investigations

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alcohol, strvchnine. digitalis, strophanthus, caffeine,

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Colonel Joel E. Goldthwaite. of Boston, for foresight in

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the first time the critical system by means of col-

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to sustain animal heat, and the continual repair of waste going on

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guineapig inoculation is still the surest diagnostic

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what chemical changes take place after its ingestion.

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we cannot find in any of our exchange favors, which describes the

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fectual in mosquito bites. Coal tar mixes well with

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We report five occurring in ] 6,4 14 deliveries; it would

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u There is another circumstance connected with ihis subject

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spiration. The cords may occupy various positions :

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Tenth. Suitable. laws should be passed in each state

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more safely than by any artificial means he can employ, of course

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lesion — that is, the site of the retention foci. If

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an unexpected descent of eight inches below the general level

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graft in this instance was not subject to fracture as

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H. F. KINGSLEY, M. D., Schoharie, Schoharie County.

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a conqilete cure of malarial infection with quinine,

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''Now that active operations are at an end, and many

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was not broken. When a clerk in the Royal Infirmary of Edin-

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sium and calcium ) in the tissues must ultimately be

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accidentally fatal to a goat. He concluded by stat-

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limb is not worth dressing ; that he is in no pain and desires to be