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of New York; Therapeutic Club; Valentine Mott Society;

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lowed, in 1865, by the medical and surgical history

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constipation, blue line, tremor, basophilic degenera-

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lie on the righ^ or affected side — the opposite of that

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tion of a fairly large specimen of stool in a paraf-

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movements. The purpose for which a horse is intended

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gretted that this vaccine treatment was not given to For the cough, I foimd nothing better than codeine

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Hoffmann, who affirms that after an abortion, or even a

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devolve upon him, in America as a rule, after giring pecuniary

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sloughing of the cellular tissue are results not extremely nncommoB^

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play^cardiac slackening from inhibition, reflex dila-

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Anthrax. — M. Velpeau has established certain ruk-s to be fol-

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gauze or similar material, and placing it either in or

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Dr. Solomons said it seemed to him that the treatment

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of it. It is true the method is so bad that the se-

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very simple, rapid, and efficient method for the de-

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equalled the figures obtainable in peace times, since

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will not have the mind to appreciate the difference.

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of speech that is understandable by their associates.

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a 6-para. Previous labours nomjal. Her history was that

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curative treatment requires more or less cutting and

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half the cases after operation, and not always to the

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$56,500. Income during the year, $10,013.87. Disbursements

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culosis, and is incapable of producing the disease.

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two -ounce doses, sweet spirits of nitre in ounce doses,

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2. Cells of so-called "epithelioid" type are numerous

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engravings defective in transparency and incapable of producing

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vitality and mortality of communities. Sanitary science is essen-

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light, and this. Dr. Cruise has succeeded in doing, by the Uiin edge

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leather, so as to lift up the second, third and fourth

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1904 Holmes, Arthur N., M.B., Univ. Dub., late Assistant Master Rotunda

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right to the material used, was claimed by any of the patentees, it

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three to five days after the wound has been cleansed

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The first thing to be done is to get acquainted with the

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Prf>lap^us At i, with PrtH-idontla I'tori f f tw^uty-^ix y<*;u+' "duration. Fv F. B. Wjitkl. f, M. D.. Richmond, Va..rx>l I

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its existence. I allude to " Homoeopathy," which was inaugurated

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that allows gravel or other foreign bodies to get in and

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