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years. I found, on my arrival at the house, that she had just expired. I
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ment made in regard to facts. We allude to too early rising ^fter labour.
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the increase of hysteria among the Latin and Slavonic races;
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Out-Patient Medical Department of the Jefferson Medical College
coupons for prevacid 24 hour
ering the face, hands, neck and anterior surface of the body,
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fermentation and flatulence. I refer to Cases 12, 13,
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three quarters of an hour with him, anxious and endeavouring to account for
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tubal mole, chronic salpingitis, and cyst of the ovary. We
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It is proper to remark, that although Dr. Stevens regards the lateral opera-
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had been added to the library, and that donations had been
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made so, it would be a considerable improvement; and the means he sug-
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From the Committee of Publication. — Jefferson Medical College. Pro-
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is the opinion of many competent judges and to add syphilis to
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whole surface of the cranium. The arachnoid was of a light slate colour,
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fused to respond to the administration of quinin; the insolu-
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into a discussion of the validity of my own or any other person's opinion
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gall bladder may prolapse in front of, as well as bdiind the
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669.100. Physicians' electric lamp. Purdy M. Randall, New
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American Pediatric Society, Niagara Falls, N. T., May 28, 1901.
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applied twice daily. Lugol's solution is efficacious.
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carried from one town or city to another by means of a
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the same for years, because the atrophy and contraction
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his former paper omitted, inadvertently, to make due acknowledgments to
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that the disease originated in the bone, and that if the root and body of the
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this number only one offender was discharged. The others
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of the drug, and then have no stronger or weaker solid
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without diminution either in the amount of urine or urea,
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A, J. Coons Physiology of the Foetus. j^l,„ r Atkinson, Erysipe'as.
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Detail for tbe Board : Surgeon P. 11. Ballhache, chairman ; Surgeon
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and tingling of chilblains, Chaffee applies tincture of
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macadamised roads, and the power of steam to hasten our travel — pursuing
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It is no slight argument in favour of sutures that we use them on most
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and tumor been sufficiently indicated in the history.
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Medical College of Georgia. — At the annual meeting of the trustees of