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enlargement of the spleen, which is said by some to be present in hyper-
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marked brownish red coloration with perchloride of iron, and when there is
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*■' the horfe's belly, yard, and loins." The Sarma-
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In no disease is it more important to liave wiiat the doctor
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that often the blood pressure is high during the repose, so much so,
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of the vomiting, and the course of the disease. Both may occur in young
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spots, appears. The maculae vary in size, in shape, and in colour as well
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left without protein to serve as a control, because it is occasionally found
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nancy. The onset is rather sudden, generally there are premonitory
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Dysenteric attacks. — These may occur in the course of an ague fit,
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two or three times if the first exploration fails to discover pus. When
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ever, with the best that could be done it was found only 40 to 50% of
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the lung, gradually invading the alveoli The indurations are formed by
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Assam, and probably elsewhere. In many of these places every child
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a stuttering in chronic mercurialism than the slow syllabic speech observed
dapsone side effects forum
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should be tested by getting the patient to bend to the right and left