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procedures that had a place in the treatment of this condi-

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begins by a chill on Monday at noon, culminates, no doubt, in many

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cavity. As well might one believe that a pneumonitis

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the exceptional cases in which the affection does not end fatally, has been

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the mucous membrane is swollen and covered with tenacious

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years and ten months, in January, 1888, had had an attack of what

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abroad to stud}-. I think we sometimes talk in an un-

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of the mosquito in the evolution of the malarial para.sitc;

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to a modification of this deformity in a disease he calls hypertrophic

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was then divided above the internal sphincter, drawn

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opinions, fortified by statistics, which might well confuse the seeker

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his coat sleeve so as to be made proper use of at the desired moment.

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mortality is low and the danger of infection slight. The differential

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at our command), and regular exercise, preferably in

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*Read before the Medico-Chirurgical Society, July 6, [894- Fordis

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and vomiting. On the second day there was an entire ab-

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Thus tetanic rigidity may depend on a spinal arachnitis, as well as on

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ture, and you will find the wound healed ; but if you should not find

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France, on the deck of an American merchantman, and amid the cares

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— One of a class of cases of very practical importance, for which St. Mary's

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cerning medical malpractice claims settled or adjudi-

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thrown 'out, the camera tube focussed, and the color of the blood

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of one of the steps. The sense of fulness in his bladder immediately ceased,

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Hall there might be much to be said, but I have already tres-

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