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may be considered conveniently at this place. Plague being primarily
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supposition that mercury exerts any special efficacy, but a few grains of
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Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the
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and I do not see how doctors in almost any town, after walking
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recommended the passage of a law making it compulsory, before
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that Henry the Fourth, King of France, — who, it may
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ently due to eye-strain, which was cured by operation.
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Nitrate of urea is readily soluble in water, but is insoluble
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a fine linear vascular injection clearly distinguishable by the aid of a
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of a catheter, and are even fully dilated, but which have a tendency to con-
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spinal fluid was negative with 1 c.c. One month has elapsed since the last
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Poisoning — Mercury; Chronic Poisoning — Nerves,
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visible changes of form and colour when heated, from which changes
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we can discover, during life, what is the exact nature of the
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death-rates applied to the other populations, the following results are
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required for the secondary period of the disease has been neglected or insuf-
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April 10, 3 p.m. Phthalein, 0.1 gram intravenously. 5 p.m. Urine, 100
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placenta praevia that its special value lies. It is not nec-
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It was not well, in his experience, to increase a low arterial
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The preventive measures are plain and simple. The patient
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Colonel and Assistant Surgeon General ; Forwood, William
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certain proportion of cases, goes to show that the non-digestion of fat
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complicated by the untimely intervention of the enthusiastic
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throughout the cortex or in the pyramidal portion. These may be very
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considerable judgment: the necessary attendance on him was,
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anesthesia. In several recent studies, propofol was found
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that the protective influence we have been consider-
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being attacked, will render it difficult for the child to recover. And it is even
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In some patients, botulinum toxin injections are only
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Cary (C.) The cause of typhoid fever in general, and
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GyogyAszat, Budapest, 1899, xxxix, 012. Also, transl.:
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blood, or other examinations, finds no difficulty in arriving at a satis^
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