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tinctly sweetish, offensive odor; on one or two occasions it contained elastic

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highest percentage, and 1,797 appendix operations with only 1 case.

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In chronic cases of this disease, may not the coats of the

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ceptive system. This would not interfere with our conception of it as

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before as well as after the race. Weight, height, apex-beat, cardiac dullness,

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holiday periods to compensate for the hours necessarily spent in dark

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Roth reports a case of tetany in a woman aged 32, in the sixth month

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of action of the changes in the secretory function of the mucous glands may

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subject. It is not quite clear whether or not this survey of the literature

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little beyond the edge of the table, supported on the lap of one

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by the bleeding-points left in the wake of such pressure. In more

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The author is of the opinion that Fraenkel's nodules constitute a

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acidity. He points out that there is considerable experimental evidence

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in which there was also a carcinomatous closure of the ductus

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' dehydrogenases '. They are specific for each special donator substance.

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from the level of the third dorsal spine posteriorly on the right side, finally

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contained a slight trace of albumin and hyaline casts, l-'roni tlic spring

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same feature is also apparent, and it is found that the average age

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one will ; the other will not. In such a case nothing can be

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the connexions of the sympathetic with the spinal cord (thoracico-lumbar

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per diem of the contrast mixture results in 3 to 4 intestinal evacuations per

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its exuberance the later stages of the decortication. The fixation was

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In an earlier number of this journal (1920, 2, 241) an attempt was

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bile and faint cloud of albumin; weight, eight and one-half pounds.

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needles, brazed on curved, lacquered brass plates provided with

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&c. which would afford but little interest to most of your

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causes, while a very small number (1.6 per cent.) ran the course

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value of X varied from 0-138 to 0-092 cm -1 . In this case it was found that

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with characteristic low blood-pressure and debility. Some cases with signs

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clays. None were fatal. None of the patients ever showed any signs of

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of the diphtheria among women was undoubtedly due to their greater

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venously in all forms of malaria if proper doses and precautions are observed.

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The next day the patient complained of pain in the throat, with difficulty

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acetabular fragments. Further, the fragments need not follow precisely

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Amantea, G. Uber experimentelle beim Versuchstier infolge afferenter Reize

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course both by increasing the number of injections and the doses. The

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character, which, under an adequate inspection of their thoughts,

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physiological saline solution and solutions of pure dialysed fibrinogen.

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return, as a rule, about three weeks after the injury, followed later by the

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recurring intestinal obstruction. Brit. J. Surg., 1920, 7, 423.

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It contains onlj' a few of the bright staining cells, but for the most part is made up

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the front or back of the head is probably the commonest cause.

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of the case, and directing him to notify me immediately if any

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group, which, however, includes cases of varying origin. Probably a local-