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see the renal lobule, which is formed of the following elements : In the centre

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well executed illustrations. Our ambulance system and

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scirrhous gland from which the disease is propagated. But it


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careful to regard the matter of pain produced by passive

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subicteric tint, the rapidity of occurrence of the cerebral j^henomena,

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is more abundant at the cervical and lumbar swellings. The character of

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account of some 250 cases in which the attacks, while generally

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referral forms will be notified of the date and hour

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Public Health Act, 1875. In other places the Boards of Guardians have

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puerperal patients, and of producing puerperal fever in these patients. Dr.

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which at present are held to be at the root of that interesting

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minutes, 95° P.; 248 minutes, 94° P. During the action of the strychnia, this dog was sup-

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1. Oliver, G., and Schaefer, E. A. The Physiological Action of Extracts of Pituitarj- Body

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the places where zymotic diseases occur, for the purpose of studying the

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the presence of small quantities of hydrocyanic acid gas.

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tary canal, the respiratory organs, the dermoid surface,

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was accompanied by an increase of temporary pain, which, however,

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until it is filled to the level of the sink, and then opening the outlet for

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plied every night without wiping off the old. After ten days a new

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tional disturbance alone may, and not infrequently does,

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Fool's Parsley {jEthusa ryvainum), made with the juice of the entire plant;

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is probably not so much that the work of the heart is increased by the

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leaves him weak and nervous. His memory is very defective.

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on the floor there lay an unusually heavy kitchen axe, an old sabre,

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quently exist in immense numbers, and they are sometimes voided in

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writer has made inquiries concerning the prevalence of

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lit up, and richer and richer in colors, and monsters as well as mites peew-

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tageously practised. It is in these instances that death either rapidly

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to see that skeleton, faded away when the Alexandrian library was

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There are two cardinal facts in regard to chronic valvular disease.

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segment is rendered either anaemic or hypersemic, the