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lomi acuminati. [Fnrther investigations on spironemata of pointed condylo-
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do not respond to the proper use of quinine or of those that are proved to
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limbs can be maintained. Nevertheless, this high grade of motor co-ordina-
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the compensation is comparatively nothing. We do not say
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had completed the other problem, she remarked that a memory of the running water
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He states his opinion that the immediate and efficient treatment of
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symptoms. Salvarsan intravenously acts more rapidly than
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no or very slight local manifestations, yet in many cases some
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this immunity is dependent upon a perfect distribution of pressure
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as much as three fingers' breadth below the costal arch. Such considerations
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four day.s, was 10.S.0°, ending by crisis. The signs were confined to
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14th day Friedlander's bacillus was seen in great abundance in the sputum
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when found are apt to be transient, elusive, and equivocal. The condition
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albumin, some hyaline casts, and a few leukocytes. Blood examination at
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radium a discharge of the electroscope is seen equal to that of the penetrating
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muscle tone may be responsible for their differences.
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ectasis as for emphysema. In expiration with the glottis closed
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that instead of an oxidation a reduction takes place, is not one
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first of these is the association of thrombokinase with the phospholipins or
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Pissavy, A. Les bronchitiques semeurs de bacilles. La medecine, 1921,
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preformed to the body, and so may lead to the production of much more
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output ranged from 0.56 gm. to 0.64 gm. in spite of the purin-free diet.
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aside in a cool place for 24-48 hours, when crystals will have formed in
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diphtheria bacilli in general seemed to be less easily phagocytosed than
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Muscular atrophy also is noticeable, the pectorals and far more of the upper
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the proper range of movement. In this way atonia is a factor in the
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shown by the following test: 0.5. c.c.of lymph withdrawn from the
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time on patient showed a great deal of disturbance of stomach, including
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panic in which anxiety, "thrills," and perspiration were prominent.
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report a case of infection with Vincent's organisms following man-bite.
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that countries in which the variations of the barometer are the
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• HnrringiT, T. IJ, The Prognosia of Albuminuria with or williout C'asts, Arch, of
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Hypertrophy of the thymus gland has frequently been observed
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omentum and small intestines, between the layers of the mesentery, from
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