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liates the Pain, and in fome fhort time heals them.

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opens Obftru&ions of the Urinary parts, diftolves

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up Leaves , /w'fig #/><?/? //;^ Ground , which are broad ,

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by, fibrous, moody Root , which will lize thro ’ many

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flowers of tins noble Plant .- Take Sap-berries, and

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6 . Lotus corniculatus 'mean us. Trifolium cornicu-

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a cure for consumption, that if it was designed by nature that

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middle of them , f which mojl commonly come up firfi )

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degeneration of the sensory fibres as a result of the natural evolution

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the Flower, to bear it up (as it to ere) below, ad-

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duftry and careful Cultivation, they are all become

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it is Paid that Hunters often take it themfielves , to'

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rafcens ■, thin Leav’d Angle pale Purple colored

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after which comes the Seed inclofed in round, flat,

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lam Myrrh a odor is gratidm , in ejus baccis recenti-

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treated at the outset. What then are the causes, and how may

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Lobc/ij Clematis Sylvejlris latifolia , five Viorna

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fcenicum , w/ Rbafceniticum , which is Rbaindicum ,

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Ofyris Dio fcoridis, Galeni, & Plinii : Authors make

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a call to the physicians of Hartford county to meet and choose

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tioujly in a Kiln, or Stove, to preferve them, juft as

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Italy, France , and other hot Countries •, but the firft

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which grow only from the middle of each Leaf on the

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viz. under the Superficies of the Earth , yet not clea-

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Sciatica, and the like; and gives eale to fuch ajare

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Orobi , Spanijh party-colored Chichling. 3. Lathy •

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It grows like the lafl , with many finally roundijh

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present during the day, perhaps due to the pressure being

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considerable that the disease is enteric fever, and this proba-

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Leaves at the Joints, like unto the hollow r lowers

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Thefe in their bulbous Roots, Leaves, Stalks, blow-

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guifhed from that, whidl? is brownijh at bottom. The

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allay it. It is alfo to good purpole ufed in old run-

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ne(s of Breach. Both the Juice and the Elfence, be-

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ting up new Shoots and Stalks after the firfl Lear,

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Pains and Weaknefs, it effectually removes the lame

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They have evidently, though he does not so state, the condi-

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cept of fuch as fave the Seed, to give to fmall Birds,