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not pathogenic for rabbits, guinea pigs, or tame mice. The organism from his

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patient becomes cyanotic, and dropsical, the obstruction in the veins

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or only a few. The dilatation may be uniform for a consider-

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Dr. JejQTries's essay will prove of some use to the dermatol-

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ease, and hence shall be described in the next chapter.

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cases. When the dilatation involves the entire organ, its form is

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and back, reflex motions of the abdominal muscles, etc. It is these

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cording to the quality of the food that has been taken. At the same

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pale, cachectic look; the dyspnoea increases, and becomes extreme.

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erally larger than those which* come from the aortic circulation. We

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attributes typhous ulcer of the larynx to diphtheritic infiltration of the

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should lie down. The complexion becomes ashy and muddy, the ex-

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very loud or full resonance, can take place. Neither does the sound

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The development of tubercles in the lung, without the preSxistence

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drawn directly from the ear; a 1 per cent sodium citrate solution in normal

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of mycetoma terms it "a fungus disease of warm climates, affecting principally

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an hour usually reduces the power so that it is rare to obtain deflection

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JRosenstein regards the degeneration of the vessels only as

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vested in the district health officer the following duties and powers :

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rhage, do not take a turn for the better ; if the patient, on the contrary,

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pallor from pain and fright ; the pulse was weak. The patient did not sleep well

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For the notes of the following cases I am indebted to Dr.

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ing here and there the natm-al obstacles which oppose its

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