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Prance, whither it was said to have been imported on the 29th of Oc-

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come under the observation of the writer having been in the

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tions," by Dillon Brown, M.D., of New York ; Further

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cold, alone act upon tubercular lesions. This is proven by

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ruptured sinuses caused the debility and ultimately the death of

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lick the lips to relieve the irritation, and so cause a macerated and

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(From a steel engraving by Faustino Anderloni of a painting by G. Garavaglia.)

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Distribution. — Found in Europe ; rare in America.

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able in the demand for good experienced teachers and a

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of the kind here referred to, that he has not made much trial

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to the upper part of the windpipe — the larynx and adjoining trachea.

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It is not our intention to oflFer at this time any criticism upon the

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laris extract as to those in the gonococcus extract, and strict speci-

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I have no objection to suction of the breasts to relieve or prevent over-

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other hand, says the author, if at the end of four weeks we

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Kiernan, Walter H, A.B., Trinity McGill, '98 Sandy Hook.

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with strong tonics and alcoholic stimulants, etc., may

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8. That the demand for this product and the results obtained war-

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Rules. Section 1. Roberts Rules of Order or Manual shall be ac-

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weights and survival rates There was an increased incidence

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the same view, food is to be allowed in small quantities only at a time,

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irregular, and any sudden excitement produces a degree of pal-

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and equal, and there was no strabismus. He perfectly understood what

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ous effects as a rule, he cautions concerning nitrate of sodium

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coats are removed at the posterior part, and their place occupied by a

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investigated by Elliot, who showed that the action is neither on the

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tunately after the operation of injurious shiverings ; another, an

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sporadic, but not infrequently in epidemic dysentery, the evacuations

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they run principally parallel to the long axis of the member, but very

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standard measurement of the heart as it is done with

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the autoclave. The entire operation can thus be conducted under cover.

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It is equally true that surgeons cannot all be physicians.

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