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he has none of the usual symptoms of lead poisoning.
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A. Stuart, assistant surgeon. Granted sick leave for two
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liar tone and indignant manner in which you writ*; can
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(Newcastle) ; G. H. Philipson, M.D. (Newcastle) ; S.
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vices used to save life, all of which hereafter will
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of cases in his private practice of similar develop-
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the pus continued, I curetted and syringed the cavity
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ning practical Avork ; (3) instruction by those Avho
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most basic of all medical sciences, a working knowl-
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Studies from Institute for Medical Research, Federated
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$1,000 per bed for the treatment of such a universal
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on in the world, as it is caUed, it is thought that he
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admirable quarantine station of Mariveles for the port of
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Dr. Warreti : tlmbilical Hernia ; Hydatiform Mole ; Hallux Valgus.
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normal, except in lower dorsal region and up|K'r portion
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emptying occurs in from nineteen to twenty-four hours. CJn a diet
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vealed a few rods which took the fuchsine stain for
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of Health. In order not to work too great hardship on
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intervene surgically when it is absolutely necessary.
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dropsy develops slightly if at all and there ensues
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Blood vessels external to the cord in the pia showed no
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The spleen was double the natural size, and very soft.
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Physician in charge of the Ncwhope Hot- Air Sanitarium, New
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same number, together with the horoscope of the person
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cases of this association. The first case was that of
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appendix presented itself so easily that he at once
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will be my endeavour, during my tenure of office, to
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1 healed ; 1 benefited but failed to continue treat-
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tous nephritis. If only one kidney were affected, he
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