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observed in his experience with this widely prevalent fever.
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columns to higher levels, or by fibres or collaterals
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not produced imtil after the fifth month of utero-gestation ; nevertheless, in the three
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anatomic variation, which causes a projection of the
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22 Puerperal Eclampsia. By R. E. Chaffin, M. D., Avalon, Mo 100
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anterior tibial, and internal saphenous nerves caused severe pain. As
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composed of earnest professional men, who shall be keepers of
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generally recognized as reprehensible and supportive
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not at present permit. We may be told, however, that these
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(merely touching the i^atient excited active clonic spasms) and exag-
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inevitalde within a very brief wpace of time. It wa^
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some time. The consequence is that a huge fog-cloud laden
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Those writers of original articles who wish to avail themselves of reprints will please notify
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weight, still entertain the hope that this severe scourge will
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three times weekly for 15 times. Twice a long interval was
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placed the Legislature and the Administration in a position to adopt
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months the pain became continuous, and four molars were extracted without in
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seen going about are for the most part Americans and
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the onset of symptoms associated with high blood-pressure, has
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Morbus Brightii, so far as such a name shall be retained as a common
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of the disease, and on the condition of the other kidney. If both kidneys
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Comparing this case with the reports aud statistics
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way. After cholecystostomy, recurrence of symptoms and
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Sevenlines, or less . is. 6d. I A Column . . £2 128. Od„
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tissues of the nose and throat become the seat of transient infections
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M. Lorain cites sevi ral cases where death followed simple explora-
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Regarding the dose, this great discoverer makes three distinctions :
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days, the discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes is usually
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of small-pox and several other infections diseases than that
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novel treaimerit for 390 ; Syria as a residence for
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there is often the rev^erse of uterine inertia — the uterus may
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the appearance of crying. Not unfrequently, when a patient in this con-