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condition of the nervo-muscular apparatus which causes the body or the

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higher range of temperature, the general symptoms of septicaemia, and

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(1 to 10,000). After staining for from three to five minutes, wash in

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found after death, and introduced the explanatory term myxcedema. It

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tised for the purpose of delaying the reaccumulation of fluid.

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rarily disappear at intervals. They may follow the distribution of the

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typhoid stools on potato gelatin impregnated with one per cent, of potas-

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of a typhoid fever, but it is in the early stages of the convalescence that

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The pathological processes and products are to be found in the skin,

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color and softer in consistency, and absorption of the extravasated blood

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water from nerve tissue, and promptly producing the contractions or cramps menUoned.— £o.

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A pillow under the pelvis is sometimes an advantage more, however,

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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. The incubation period is very various, but has

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but it must always be given with great caution ; ordinarily the best

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ficially treated by ergot in large doses (thirty grains of the extract). It

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the treatment, with tonics and stimulants. Another thing you must

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mixed with faeces, and the mixture is more intimate the higher up in the

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that of invasion ; second, that of eruption ; third, that of suppuration ;

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as from an abdominal tumor, ascites, or meteorism, in which case the

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time at which the hemorrhage is to take place is chiefly dependent upon

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avail unless the spinal cord recover its power ; but the effect of partial