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danger of violent blows and contusions of the chest may be regarded as-
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appeared no probable source from which it could be produced ;
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operation for the removal of the uterus by the vaginal route, simple
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and all else necessary by the vaginal route. The abdominal
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type or aspect of disease is uncommon in Egypt. It is neces-
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this framing is, however, occupied by the smoke-flues ; the
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up inside the internal abdominal ring. A stitch is then taken in the
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weakness of sight and hearing, headache, and other symptoms of this
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latest news
Lectures on the History of Medicine. — The Medical Age will publish the
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by petechise and cutaneous abscesses. The spleen is enlarged. The blood
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another, or from one person to another. It is thus auto-inocul-
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a kidney as thereafter peculiarly vulnerable and especially liable to be
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Is it, he next inquires, the incision of the uterine piarietes ■which causes the
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and be sure to include the name ULMER in your next drug order.
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antecedents of the patient, particularly as r^ards the nervous
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another, or from one person to another. It is thus auto-inocul-
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the resultant of these impressions generally. The way out from
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Attention to the state of the bowels is of great importance. Often a
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degeneration and become eventually unrecognizable. The final ague
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individual, or more strikingly when contagion has passed rapidly from
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In meningitis the mode of onset, the rigidity of the neck, incoherence or
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an emigrant to receive the cholera into his system in
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may present some of the phenomena of impending delirium tremens, is to
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they showed in addition ecchymosis or extravasation of blood into the
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We thought if the child could live a month or two in order to allow