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second class, embracing the posts in East Florida, both permanent and tem-
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statements, even if not already known, that the main emphasis of
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attention of physicians to this branch of pathology, by which he has rendered a
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the chart bearing out the general suggestion and appearance of
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about forty years of age, dreaded and tried in consequence to avoid
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Gay and Lucus 7 noted the same thing in children receiving repeated
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less inclement. The thermometer stood at two or three degrees below the freez-
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symptoms. Sometimes even speaking of a tower would at once
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drachm of the powdered ergot, to be divided into six doses, one to be administer-
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They do not, of course, show the improvement in the general
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and the constipation would indicate various diseases, while the pulse, skin,
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published by Rothberger and Winterberg 1 (see Figs. 1 and 2 of
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"The comparative inertness of the native or pure sulphurets is only what might
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mater was in this situation, however, quite entire, and laterally also; but in the
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the upper first closed; and in the year ISlli, when she was G3 years of age, her
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the 22nd of June, and Mr. Chase's block was substituted as soon as prepared,
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form of eruption I have generally seen to occur in peisons of strong constitu-
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made in the great majority of cases, if we may judge by the veri-
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moval at one operation; it was therefore determined to begin with the middle lo-
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ed to the posterior, lateral parts of the chest, and to the diaphragm, and was
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usually killed at the end of the experiment by injecting strophan-
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municated by an effort simply of the foot. This crust which would bear
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But let us follow them up through their remaining stages. In the one we have
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Banti's disease plus chronic valvular disease, and that it might not
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hyde or secondary alcohol, etc., in which case other compounds
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With benzol in capsules in the dose of 3 to 5 grams daily the leuko-
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a purely intermittent character. I have seen some cases indee<l, where it has
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this solution with a sufficient quantity of bread crumb or conserve of roses, vou
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may be told that she might have gone to the poor-house; but this
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twelfth dorsal vertebra. The gastric secretion presents a total acidity of
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which is not recognizable, but traces can be found in the gall-
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case having a definite history of simple goitre means that a hyper-