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Jeff. Med. Coll. 8vo. pp. 78. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston, 1874 .528
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The connection between physical and intellectual health, as pointed
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ings. Swollen fatty follicles reduced with soap liniment;
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Norfolk. — Drs. H. W. Broughton, Jamaica Plain ; S. M.
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Caton (1906) Lancet i. 695 (account of the Temple of Cos).
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Thalamic e])ilepsy. Virginia M. Month.. Richmond, 1886-7,
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since his last visit. "When a relapse occurs the cause is to be'
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he called his wife to him, kissed her affectionately, and gave directions
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d'oplit., I'ar., 1892, xi, 14.5-147. . MAs.sidinM'leurophcu
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When, owing to a peculiar idiosyncrasy, paroxysms are excited by a par-