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It is interesting to remark that the youngest chil-

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skin distinguishes chloasma from pigments or pigmentations on its surface.

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K»t in the structures involved. The doctrine of spasm and para-

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ration is here the general occasion of the catastrophe ; some mental

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his head. On the Sth he relapsed, and had been lying at

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women than among those of a higher rank. In fact, the Scotch

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he might have had a slight rheumatic attack before. The

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Guiteau Welch was a woman of talent, excellence, ability, and a

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returned the visits, and spent one Sunday evening in his

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. Milk, though often used with impunity, conveyed the disease when

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that not only has it made of ophthalmology a new science, but that

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clearly that experiments with diets of low protein content, to

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(6) Kischners method. Blood serum collected with great care is

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Case 8. — Intense frontal headache and severe tinnitus of

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water of Cambridge Gulf The external night tempera-

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chirurgi'cal del'empyenie des cellules ethmoidales. Presse

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I /M^IX«^l\Cli tuberculous enteritis typhoid, etc. Dose: For Children 3 to 8

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and inward, and meeting the other incision at its lower extremity.

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mittently prevailed during the past ten or eleven years,

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animals that have died of peripneumonia is eaten, it causes a

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The latter is usually triangular in shape, though it va-

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(2) Tumour of Eight Lateral Wall of the Pharynx mvolving the Eight

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justly liable. It is not long since a verdict of £800

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so rarely met with, that by some its occurrence in this secretion has been

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cent. in women and children. The tension of carbon-

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the patient had repeatedly remained out of bed during the greater

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In selecting an anesthetic, the type of the patient, the

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attempted to classify the climates, represented by each of

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Gastric oppression is apt to be urgent, and vomiting

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dislocation of the right hip. The rent in the capsule was

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