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lation, is the fact which they have brought to light
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from this. The transference of nystagmus from one eye to
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nurse finds the quantity of the secretion gradually diminish, but it is still
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during a space of 25 minutes; six hours after the commencement of true
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The St. Paul Meeting. — The Committee of Arrangements
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and found the results consequent on its application, perfectly the same as
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sages, as pneumonitis, phthisis, oedema of the lungs, or any affection of the
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he has confined himself to disposing of these, leaving the rest
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patient witfi his normal self, when making the diagnosis. The
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left groin ; shortly after the injury a tumour appeared in the inguinal region,
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itant escaped contracting the disease. This is only
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article is, if possible, to determine if there is a rela-
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the only cases which can be brought into the class of very probable ones
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a loss of tone in the vasomotor system. It is moreover known
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serum made on a young man before an operation for hernia.
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ing, if it is thought best to apply such, one of the following
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propriate introductory discourse. On this occasion, the duty devolved on
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Professor Von Specs, of Vienna, has recorded some experiments in a
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fits of early and appropriate treatment? Then the ex-
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These patients invariably complain of gastro-intestinal
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that these may not be of much statistical value they prove we
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is withdrawn and the cervix plugged with antiseptic cotton
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a walled-off appendiceal abscess. He considered four classes
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Ueber den Zustand der Heilkuude und uber die Volkskrankheiten in der
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lipochromes in the Oanglion Cells in Man and Animals.
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upon analysis of a test-meal, there is found to be a
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Apply to the right arm the solutio plumbi acetatis ; to the left *he oleum
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the campaign against syphilis, including women. The board
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doctors and the free dispensaries. The use of wines and
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genesis is at once apparent and, if it were necessary,
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for the Doctor and Al>out the Doctor." CC. W. Moulton, Buffalo,
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are recalled at once. Birch-Hirschfeld. in 123 cases
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during that time 29,761. The number of deaths during the