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remained free. If the children attending those schools were unprotected by

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in sensibility. Those, on the contrary, who have feeble muscleiy

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cular filaments are grayish red, while the hypertrophied connective

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tion, we know the gland is not involved. But on the other

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were referable to scarlatina. If we consider, in addition, the more

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Maladies des Oryanes Genito- Urinaries, is published a

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recovered after treatment by Clark's method have done

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made. This being done there is no danger of perfor-

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and vomiting, and cause a determination to the surface, by those reme-

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break through their walls and extend to surrounding tissues.

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During the month of August of the same year, coincident with

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lescence. But each individual ease must be decided according to

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makes little difference how early or how late we recognize the

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nation, which seems like a reasonable solution of the dif-

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finement of children in plaster of Paris forcibly applied. He had a

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Eczema. — The chronic forms that have failed to respond to

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Boh86 Bohachevsky, I.O., Johnson, M.E., Stein, M.L., "Generalized simulated

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at the right time and with the intention expected of them

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C; muscles, 33°.4 C; temperature of atmosphere, 27° C; 282 minutes, (186 after last obser-

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Samples of still another concentrated food have been sent us by the

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reaction has been tested in 59 patients with paroxysmal haemoglo-

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symptoms of general peritonitis. At the operation, when the

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village of Rodbruch. He is a shepherd, this " wonder doctor," and makes

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Lowndes [Liverpool!, " On the Ciiminal Deaths of Infants, as shown by

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masters in science laden with rich experience and accumulated

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and indican is present in large amounts, a moderate cathar-

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and palpable peristalsis are of value in differentiating these conditions

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now of other days and days that are to come, will be forever

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extensive an anemia may develop in so short a time. According to

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.'ITIii M.iii.iyunk .\ve., Wissahiekon, Fhiladeli)liia

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316 Swayne : Clinical Significance of Acidosis in Fregnancij

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proprietary articles. In fact, nothing is easier than to give such

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Ordinary students pay a tuition fee of $2.00 Mex. a month and