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heredity specially affects it, there is little wonder that in some cases the

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Simpson's communication in this day's number must admit

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Distension of the Antrum." The first was a boy, 4 years old,

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The hemorrhage may he excessive and cause marked weakness and a symp-

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tial statistics are united we find : of 113 laparotomies and hysterotomies, 50 cures,

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Patients do not often die of the affection, but they rarely escape a per-

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because people felt that the medical people were work-

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The regular Russian North-European course followed the usual

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And if one proceeds with the necessary care to the examination, and

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upon the osseous and nervous system. This theory, while in

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(Arch. Intern. Med., Chicago, November 15, 1919, xxiv. No. 5, p.

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the intervals, when all seems quiet, the symptoms of stenosis will

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diseases. He saw that the Guardians had provided a vehicle,

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Judiciary Deferred to 41 s ' legislative day (6-1 vote)

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Two cases of sporadic cretinism were shown by Dr. Julian

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selves toward aggressive treatment of the “illness”