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Ball. South Californian Fract., Los Angeles, 1907, xxii, pp. 17-20.

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than either of the other classes. This may be an argu-


had been so many crimes committed in that county during the

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Gastritis — Typhoid Fever — Uterine Adnexa; Tu-

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has taken the first Women’s Reserve Officers into

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Surgeon, which he held until a short time before his death.

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alogy of the solar ray, that it is not a single power, but a

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La Chapelle, Simpson, and M'Clintock. He enters upon this

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As to Mears 's teaching ability, we find that he was professor

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die from this disease, which was evidently not malignant.

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He is a Toronto boy and graduated from the University of

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reason he thought they did more harm than good; but we

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In the table before you of 115 cases treated for intussuscep-

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view, he gave a short historical sketch of the chief literature of

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cholaemia, and softening of the liver from the distension of the bile-ducts.

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rise to discussion in the daily routine of practice.

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THE general principles of treatment in typhoid and typhus fever are

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mode of practice you will have for yourself and for your family.

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more markedly prominent when the child coughed. It was elastic

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if there are broken bones, ruptured muscles and connec-

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tions, described in the red cells of frogs his " vermicules, " which he

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Clinic of Dr. Robert B. Preble, 8t. Luke's Hospital.

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>lour. Some bronchia] glands cancerous. Other thoracic organs healthy.

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book," according to a form annexed, in which ho will enter the name?^

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Tlie second case had had pain for three years, and a movable mass in

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2 The following passage from one of the writings of Hippocrates