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soften and are evacuated, the fistula also often giving little or no trouble.

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dust, acute or chronic inflammation, particularly of the respiratory tract,

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mucous membrane, but below these cords it is generally but loosely

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suffering. The pulse in the cardiac crises is very feeble, irregular, inter-

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are a frequent cause of mouth- breathing, and in children so affected

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operation. There is, I think, a growing apprehension in the minds

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swollen, the breath fetid. The pulse is soft, not increased in frequency.

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In hysterical special-sense hypersesthesia it is essential that the patient

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other hand, could be moved, but not in this way; the breast was car*

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The first dose of the antitoxin serum of Behring and Eoux is put

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in which the symptoms resemble those of acute poliomyelitis we have

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is asserted by some writers, that <^uies occur, in which the violent

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abrupt, and the temperature continues low until about the seventh day.

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dirt are conspicuously manifested, lepers are still to be found. This

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is an almost constant and may be an early symptom ; it is said to be

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Syphilis may produce disease of the blood-vessels of the spinal cord

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phritis in a mild or a severe form. The kidney is usually enlarged, the

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method the reader is referred to H. C. Wood's " Therapeutics." In a

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and the administration of opium and styptics (especially Monsel's solu-

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rent seat of disease through seemingly healthy tissues, and removes a

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ing is a brief abstract, induces Dr. Lente to give publicity to one very

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