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In closing, I desire to present briefly a few statistics

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the dura mater decreases the exhibition of the cerebral movements.

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candescent lamp. The greater the expenditure, the more

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War rages between Norristown, Pa., and Utica, N. Y., or,

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with disease of the uterus or its appendages. The disease, however,

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ducks and geese ; they are not born on or in the water,

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cision, i)ecause it enables us to isolate the sounds which

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nervous symptoms — should be recognized without much difficulty, but

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cal importance. No collection of fluid in ventricles.

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viduals, whose circulation is languid and pulse feeble — whose faces and

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But it sometimes happens that the mulberry eruption is not so distinct

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employment, finally locating in Leadville, where he still

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didactic disquisition upon iritis, such as might be written by any well educated

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other instances milk acquires such a taste on standing a few hours.

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per cent of the total heat given off. Dividing by this factor we have,

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a. Vaginal hysterectomy will remove the entire disease in

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limitation of motion on the affected side — 7 to a marked degree, 2 to a

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Another species (achorion Schoenleinii) belongs to the disease, affecting

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physiology, as it covers ground not usually traversed in books of the

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renders it necessary to wipe the needle used soon after

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as O two volumes, N.^O one to two volumes, and com-

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believed to be frequent precursors of apoplexy, and which they therefore

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as of much less frequent occurrence, and as of much less diagnostic

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37. Hawgood JA: America’s Western Frontiers. New York: Alfred A.

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Enibo. Ngiko nje lelinye ligama lemaSwati kutsiwa Bembo-Nguni. Leyo