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existence of other congenital deformities in the infants have been noted,
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effectual in obstinate cases, as has been shown by Rolleston (3) and others.
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g Ville. Action of Palladium Hydrogen on Bile, Soc. de Biol., 1910, Ixix, 419.
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urobilin was detected in small amount in the serum, but in 15
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cynanche laryngea, " is the time at which the operation ought to
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made with four sera, of which one was prepared from a typical strain
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duck, which survived for eight days after I had removed the
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was relieved by the taking of food and by alkalies. There was no difference
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a slight injury should always be borne in mind. Malarial patients and
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It may fairly be objected to the success of this treatment,
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According to Box, who reports a case of acute ascending paralysis in
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longer and a little more steadily than they. But the difference is
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is immiscible with water, an electrical potential difference dependent on the
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Case 11. A Rabbi, aged fifty years, showed on May 5, 1912,
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The same remedies were continued, except that Calomel and
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activity of the colon and rectum. The considerable variations in
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position of the head causes this muscle to lie across the upper half of the
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with short intervals, but to record it as twenty or more attacks seems inappropriate.
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The troul)le began two years ago. It usually affects one side only — and
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(6) Cultural and microscopic examination of the cerebrospinal fluid has, in
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days. After this treatment parasites reappeared in the blood in the majority
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and dura, and tucked under the bony edges of the defect.
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is formed, is borne out by the last three cases but not by the first.