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that he did not inquire if any of the subjective symptoms

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ancient order of attem]iting to cure disease that has

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subjected to severe exertion, the ligaments which pass

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1. Secretary — ^C. A. BALL, 22 Lower Fitzwilliam-street.

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when they do not seem to be seriously affected by the

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More briefly stated, each individual in order to be

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come swollen, at times, to twice their natural size

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jured so as to cause it to turn white. The two front

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young, and who had borne a comparatively large number of

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yet carrying immmerable plague bacilli — and later

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Air -slaked lime should be dusted into the corners and

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pears. In refractory cases six injections are given

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scopy, as the term implies, is the examination of the

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any sheds exist, they should be thoroughly cleaned and a

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green, and brown and green, they are but '* degrees of the same

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Glanders and farcy are the same disease, farcy being

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that the horse has been "nerved." Just at the top of

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important feature in Mr. Oarden's practice. Here (Fig. 12) is his

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stop at once anything that seems to disagree. She seemed

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effect whatever. In fact, it no more than compensated

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Venice and Sardinia, and the other countries, afterward, of Europe.

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easily controlled. In leading or driving horses, cattle

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iiabil of greeting our friends with a firm handclasp

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cauterized. 6. The final outcome of the larynx one year after cure and decanula-

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observed, but all of this disappeared by the 30th June. No

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being poisonous, must be used with great caution. The

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did not think it advisable to give chloroform, and accordingly the

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was especially a source of anxiety to me, as I eould only account

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With regard to the refusal of the child to take the

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approximately as follows, though they vary much more

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same time. In rare cases a blister irritates a horse and

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but little, while the conclusion as to the abstract

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designed to accommodate about forty patients, twenty of each sex. The fact is now